Dietschi Composite #5/6, hdl #8 Resin


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Dietschi Composite #5/6, hdl #8 Resin

Points of Performance of the Composculp Instruments by Dr. Dietschi:-Accurate Restorations: Highly polished stainless steel working ends resist sticking to composite materials.

-Durable and Lasting: Working ends made with Immunity Steel®, an optimal blend of carbon and chromium providing strength and resisting corrosion.

-Reduced Pinch Force: The ResinEight® handle’s special knurled texture increases rotational control, providing a lightweight, tactile grip.

-Easy Cleaning: The Smooth handle’s sleek design aids in preventing the build up of composite material.

-Ordering Convenience: Instruments can be ordered as an entire collection of 5 or individually.