DIN Cassette of new CompoSculp Instruments


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DIN Cassette of new CompoSculp Instruments, containing PFIDD1/12, PFIDD3/4, PFIDD5/6, PFIDD7/8 and PFIDD9/10

Points of Performance of the New Composculp Instruments by Dr. Dietschi:

-Remarkable Restorations: Highly polished stainless steel working ends resist composite materials, ensuring a stunning finla restoration.

-Reliable Hu-Friedy Quality: Working ends crafted with Immunity Steel®, an optimal blend of carbon and chromium providing strength and resisting corrosion.

-Color-Coding Indicators: Each CompoSculp instrument exhibits a color identifier, ensuring the desired instrument is at hand.

-Lightweight Handles: Durable ResinEight and sleek Smooth handle options allow for maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue and an increased level of tactile control.*

-Easy Cleaning: The Smooth handle’s sleek design aids in preventing the build up of composite material.

-Ordering Convenience: Instruments can be ordered as an entire collection of 5 or individually.

*Source: Gerwatowski, L.J., McFall, D.B., Stach, D.: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Risk Factors and Preventive Strategies for the Dental Hygienist. Journal of Dental Hygiene, February 1992.