Dietschi Composite #1/2


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New: Dietschi Composite #1/2, smooth handle and color-coded indicator, green

Slimmer, sharper conical end. Shorter, sharper explorer end. Mainly utilized in posterior region. Shapes and sculpts composite material.

Points of Performance of the New Composculp Instruments by Dr. Dietschi:

-Remarkable Restorations: Highly polished stainless steel working ends resist composite materials, ensuring a stunning finla restoration.

-Reliable Hu-Friedy Quality: Working ends crafted with Immunity Steel®, an optimal blend of carbon and chromium providing strength and resisting corrosion.

-Color-Coding Indicators: Each CompoSculp instrument exhibits a color identifier, ensuring the desired instrument is at hand.

-Lightweight Handles: Durable ResinEight and sleek Smooth handle options allow for maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue and an increased level of tactile control.*

-Easy Cleaning: The Smooth handle’s sleek design aids in preventing the build up of composite material.

-Ordering Convenience: Instruments can be ordered as an entire collection of 5 or individually.

*Source: Gerwatowski, L.J., McFall, D.B., Stach, D.: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Risk Factors and Preventive Strategies for the Dental Hygienist. Journal of Dental Hygiene, February 1992.